Services: Commercial Junk Pick-Up for You Business

          Whether you inherited the junk or created the junk in the normal course of doing business, you can’t let is slow you down. Where can it go? Who will haul it off? How long will it take and how much will it cost?


 Capital City Junk Haulers is the junk removal service of Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We provide the labor and the transportation in a nice, tidy professional package that is designed to solve your junk problem.


Who can benefit from Capital City Junk Hauler's services?

  • apartment managers and maintenance personnel

  • commercial property managers and maintenance personnel

  • storage building owners and managers

  • small businesses, offices, shops, and garages

  • businesses, municipalities

  • organizations that need assistance with disaster preparedness

  • businesses that are faced with a temporary situation which exceeds their ability to process and dispose of waste and debris

  • any business that has junk that needs to be removed and disposed of properly but doesn't have the time and means to do so.


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